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Famix - Quinn Fabray & Allison Iraheta - The Rebel & The Saint  
06:42pm 03/06/2012
Your dragon isn't handicapped...
So this crack!ship has been looming in my head ever since pictures of Quinn's pink hair were first released. My head!canon basically goes like this:
Quinn & Allison are both sent to a summer camp (in between S2 & S3) and absolutely despise each other. And ala The Parent Trap, they are both punished for some sort of prank and forced to share a secluded cabin together. Except instead of discovering that they are sisters, they kind of fall for each other. Quinn secretly admire Allison's fearlessness, and essentially enlists her help to bring out her inner skank. But some angst ensues when Allison realizes that Quinn can't get a certain Rachel Berry out of her head. In the end, they both leave the camp remaining friends and keep contact all throughout S3.
However, laziness got the better of me, and that fic was never written. Maybe someday it will be, but for now here's a little fanmix. :) POV kind of flip-flops between Quinn & Allison.

1. Pretty Girls - Tim Halperin
you try to play it cool / but she's driving you insane / you wish you never met her / but now it's much too late / she's a pretty girl / she gets what she wants / she's a pretty girl / and she flaunts what she's got
2. Can't Fight It - Oh Mercy
come on honey i / really needed you / isn't it funny how i / know you need me too / you're really lucky i'm / slightly into you
3. Hands - Fences
can see it in your smile / that thoughts of me are fading / when something in between us keeps me anticipating
4. Mr. Brightside - The Killers
i'm coming out of my cage / and i've been doing just fine/ ...it started out with a kiss / how did it end up like this? / it was only a kiss
5. Only If For a Night (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) - Florence + The Machine
then i heard your voice as clear as day / and you told me i should concentrate / ...and although i was burning / you're the only light / only if for a night
6. 100 Other Lovers - DeVotchKa
i will admit i am embarrassed by your grace / and the complete look of boredom upon your face / you want to be a million miles from this place / ...even if it's only temporarily / give the illusion tonight you belong to me
7. Shattered - The Cranberries
and all the things that seemed to be / so important to me / seem so trivial now that i can see
8. I Wish You Love (Cover) - Rachel Yamagata
i wish you love / my breaking heart and i agree / that you and i could never be / so with my best / my very best / i set you free
9. Therapy - All Time Low
when i woke up alone / i had everything / ...give me a therapy / i'm a walking travesty
10. Nobody Has to Know - Honor Society
you're going crazy because you can't find what you need / come on baby let me get you up to speed / time to party like it's New Years Eve / oh-oh nobody has to know
11. Last of The American Girls / She's a Rebel - American Idiot Cast
she's a symbol of resistance / she's a runaway of the establishment incorporated / and she's holding on my heart like a hand grenade

DL here

Comment if taking! :)
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Fic: I Think I'll Be Alright  
10:10am 23/04/2011
Your dragon isn't handicapped...
Title: I Think I'll Be Alright
Summary: Blaine has a secret that he's kept for years. When that secret finally comes out, Blaine can only turn to Kurt and his family.
Pairings: Klaine
Rating: PG-13 for language
Notes: A fill for a prompt over at glee_fluff. I took it a little to the extreme, but the storyline for this was the brainchild of being bored after a standardized test. Takes place in 2x16, somewhere between the Kliss and Regionals. Very fluffy, lots of hurt/comfort, eventual happy ending. Also, thanks to a graphic that I found on Tumblr, I can't think of Blaine's dad without picturing Robert Downey Jr. So with that image in your mind...enjoy. :)

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tags: fic, klaine
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Drabble: Sweet Nothings  
08:41pm 28/03/2011
Your dragon isn't handicapped...
Title: Sweet Nothings
Summary: Kurt really likes pet names. Blaine takes advantage of this.
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: G
Notes: A fill for this prompt over at glee_fluff. Extremely pointless, very fluffy, and written in the matter of days. Not meant to be taken seriously at all. XD
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tags: fic, klaine
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Ficlet: Three Little Words  
10:27pm 19/03/2011
Your dragon isn't handicapped...
Title: Three Little Words
Summary: While in California with New Directions for a competition, Kurt & Blaine admit what they've been wanting to say all along.
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: PG
Notes: Rather pointless, filled with a ridiculous amount of fluff.
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tags: fic
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